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Pink Buddha’s Face

Free image of Pink Buddha’s Face

Category: Religious symbols

buddha face ancient antique art asia asian background buddhism buddhist calm color culture detail east eye faith glossy god image meditate meditation oriental peace peaceful pinch pray religion sculpture spiritual statue symbol traditional wisdom worship zen

Old Jesus Christ Statue

Free image of Old Jesus Christ Statue

Category: Religious symbols

jesus statue christ ancient cross religion antique catholic chapel christian christianity close closeup crucifix crucifixion damaged detail god isolate isolated old outdoor pray religious ruined saint shrine sign symbol vintage praying

Bronze statue of the Buddha

Free image of Bronze statue of the Buddha

Category: Religious symbols

compassion, enlightenment, statue, serene, buddhism, spirituality, zen, contemplation, religion, tranquility, enlightment, buddah, bronze, icon, isolated, philosophy, wisdom, meditating, buddist, oriental, serenity, pray, peace, mystical, culture, worship, god, spiritual, old, belief, religious, object, idol, holy, meditate, beautiful, peaceful, tranquil, meditation, prayer, eastern, relaxation, black, tibetan, art, head, asian, closeup, india, life, symbol, ornamental, decor, close, sculpture, calm, faith, thailand, travel, wise, east, asia, yoga, decorative, concentration, japan, china, portrait, thai, asian

Buddha Zen Wallpaper

Free image of Buddha Zen Wallpaper

Category: Religious symbols

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