We are not accepted new websites now, sorry. Just see our free stock photos.

Just send me an email to [email protected]. If the page will fulfills the conditions we will add it to the search engine.

Which sites can be added?

To add the website to meta search engine, it must meet the following requirements:

  • All photographs on the site must be available free, even for commercial use. If the site is very interesting, it is possible to add it even if it provides some photos for a fee. But this is possible only if the free and paid photos are ont the separate URL. For example www.yoursite.com/freephotos/photo-detail-page
  • Free pictures must be nice. I recognize that this is a pretty subjective thing. If the pictures are pretty or not, I evaluate myself.
  • Downloading photos must be possible without registration. For sites with lots of high quality photos I can make an exception.
  • Photos must be in high resolution. At least 1500 px width. For sites with lots of high quality photos I can make an exception.
  • On the website must be clearly stated the license of the photos. I will add only sites which offers free photos (with or without attribution needed). I prefer sites with Creative Commons licenses. But I will accept also sites that have their own license.

 Why to add your website?

Adding website with free pictures is convenient for you for several reasons. Anyone who runs a website with free photographs wishes to increase traffic. Registration will help you because:

  • You will get quality backlink (under the search box) that can bring traffic directly to your website and simultaneously increase the quality of your site in the eyes of search engines (= it is good for SEO).
  • If the user choose your photo from the search results, your website will get more traffic.